usaid_land_tenure_tajik_frontline-5777151Laws of the Land Raise up Tajik Women Farmers

May/June 2013

Michelle Blau

Gulbahor Rajabova never dreamed she would one day be a land activist in her rural home town in northern Tajikistan. But, when her farm was stolen out from under her by an influential businessman, she was left with no choice. It happened five years ago as she was leading …

b_colombia_2-8364869For Colombians Displaced by Conflict, New Land Laws May Line a Path Home

January/February 2013

Anne Marie del Castillo, Anthony Piaskowy and Janelle Conaway

The once-thriving farming community of Mampuján in northwestern Colombia, like many communities across the country, was in the path of various combatants in Colombia’s internal armed conflict. Since the conflict began in 1964, thousands of Colombians have lost their land …

usaid_land_tenure_kenya_frontline-2236228In One Kenyan Town, It’s No Longer Just ‘Old Wise Men’

November/December 2012

Karol C. Boudreaux

Elders traditionally hold the authority to decide disputes that bind both men and women in Kenya’s villages. Naimodu hoped they would help intervene to stop her husband’s beatings. But the elders, all men, sided with her husband. And bringing a case against him only led to more abuse …

b_liberia_2-9532849Liberia’s Future Land Experts

September/October 2012

Anthony Piaskowy

Powoe and four other young people from Liberia are currently pursuing master’s degrees as part of a USAID program to strengthen the government’s capacity to administer land laws and policies across the country. The program is managed by USAID as part of a nationwide development …

a_landtenure_1-1060979A Right to Land

July/August 2012

Angela Rucker

Land grabbing, as it is often called, happens every day in the developing world where weak laws and policies allow businesses and governments—through naiveté or outright greed—to latch on to property that belongs to someone else, and to sell or lease it to the highest bidder. Adopted in May by the U.N. Committee on World Food Security, the [Voluntary Guidelines] …

b_land_use_snnpr-8051227A Powerful Piece of Paper

May/June 2012

Karol C. Boudreaux

Kimya Ahmed never imagined how a simple piece of paper would change her life. But that is exactly what happened after she and her husband received a formal certificate of land use from the government in 2004. After converting from insecure occupants to secure rights-holders …

March/April 2012

Anthony Piaskowy

In the Central African Republic (CAR), all minerals are the property of the state, however, small-scale mining is permitted where industrial techniques are impractical. Small-scale miners are required to obtain a license from the government for $60, but most are extremely poor and never buy them. Because …

usaid_land_tenure_pradd_frontline-4550427Africa’s Diamond Trade: Bringing Justice to Miners through Property Rights

June 2010

USAID Land Tenure and Property Rights Division

Despite the high prices that diamonds command in the international market, mining communities in central Africa are desperately poor. The people are easily exploited by warlords, criminals and dishonest buyers. Miners and their families have been kept in near slavery conditions …




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Interactive map with information on U.S. Government (USAID and MCC) programs that strengthen land tenure and property rights.