Completed Projects

Aug 22, 2012

The list below includes projects funded and managed by both the Land Tenure and Resource Management Office, as well as USAID Missions and other operating units. This list includes programs and projects that wholly focused on strengthening tenure governance and property rights, as well as programs and projects with a broader focus on other issues, in which tenure and property rights activities were included.

Location Project Duration Estimated (or Approximate) Funding
Afghanistan Land Reform in Afghanistan 2011 to 2014 $41,800,000
Afghanistan Land Titling and Economic Restructuring in Afghanistan 2004 to 2009 $27,000,000
Angola Ongoing Legal and Regulatory Assistance: Angola 2006 to 2008 $101,753
Bolivia Bolivia Land Titling Program 2003 to 2008 $8,968,846
Bolivia Integrated Development and Conservation in the Bolivian Amazon Project 2009 to 2013 $12,300,000
Brazil Biodiversity Conservation of Public Lands in the Brazilian Amazon 2011 to 2013 $5,958,000
Brazil Ethno-Environment Corridors in the Brazilian Amazon 2009 to 2012 $5,188,000
Brazil Governance in Environment Frontiers: Brazil 2010 to 2013 $500,000
Brazil REDD Readiness in Brazil 2011 to 2013 $5,385,000
Burundi Burundi Policy Reform Program 2007 to 2011 $1,800,000
Central African Republic Property Rights and Artisanal Diamond Development: Central African Republic 2008 to 2013 $7,500,000
Central Asian Republics (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan) Approach to Participatory Management of Natural Resources: Central Asia 2009 to 2010 $549,289
Central Asian Republics (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan) Land Reform and Market Development Project: Central Asia 2005 to 2008 $6,515,348
Colombia Más Inversión para el Desarrollo Alternativo Sostenible: Colombia 2005 to 2010 $2,000,000
Colombia Mitigating Interethnic Land Conflict in Colombia 2008 to 2010 $599,973
Colombia Promoting Peace and Reconciliation in Violence-Affected Communities in Colombia 2009 $400,000
Democratic Republic of Congo Programme de Bonne Gouvernance: Democractic Republic of Congo 2009 to 2014
Dominica (including Antigua and Barbuda) Caribbean Open Trade Support: Dominica 2006 to 2010 $50,000
Ecuador Ecuador Sustainable Forests and Coasts 2009 to 2014
Egypt Egypt Financial Services Project 2004 to 2009 $5,200,000
Ethiopia Ethiopia Land Administration Program 2008 to 2013 $5,000,000
Ethiopia Ethiopia Strengthening Land Tenure and Administration Program 2005 to 2008 $5,747,422
Georgia Economic Prosperity Initiative: Georgia 2013 to 2014 $990,000
Global Knowledge Management and Technical Support Services: Global 2011 to 2013 $550,000
Global Property Rights and Natural Resource Management: Global 2004 to 2008 $5,615,513
Global Property Rights and Resource Governance: Global 2007 to 2013 $7,000,000
Global (Eastern Europe, India and Africa) Cooperative Agreement with the International Real Property Foundation 2004 to 2010 $3,850,000
Guatemala TIERRAS Land Conflict Resolution in El Quiche: Guatemala 2007 to 2010 $600,000
Guinea Property Rights and Artisanal Diamond Development: Guinea 2008 to 2009 $1,261,087
Indonesia Indonesia Marine and Climate Support 2010 to 2014 $17,600,000
Kenya Enhancing Customary Justice Systems in the Mau Forest: Kenya 2010 to 2014 $490,000
Kenya Kenya Transition Initiative 2008 to 2013 $1,765,798
Kenya ProMara: Kenya 2010 to 2012 $7,000,000
Kenya Rift Valley Local Empowerment for Peace: Kenya 2009 to 2010 $598,859
Kenya Securing Rights to Land and Natural Resources for Biodiversity and Livelihoods: Kenya 2009 to 2012 $1,192,809
Kenya Voices In Peace: Kenya 2009 to 2010 $600,000
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan Land Policy Reform Project 2010 to 2013 $60,000
Liberia Land Conflict Resolution Project: Liberia 2011 to 2014 $6,800,000
Liberia Land Policy and Institutional Support: Liberia 2010 to 2013 $6,400,000
Liberia Land Rights and Community Forest Program: Liberia 2008 to 2010 $8,000,000
Liberia Property Rights and Artisanal Diamond Development: Liberia 2010 to 2012 $2,600,000
Libya Supporting the Justice and Security Sector through Property Rights in Libya 2013
Mozambique Support Program for Economic and Enterprise Development: Mozambique 2010 to 2014 $19,000,000
Niger Arziki Project: Niger 2009 to 2013
Paraguay Mejora de los Procedimientos Catastrales Municipales: Paraguay
Philippines Economic Growth Hubs, Infrastructure and Competitiveness: Philippines 2009 to 2013 $6,600,000
Rwanda Conflict Management and Mitigation in Rwanda 2007 to 2008 $649,552
Rwanda Legislative Strengthening and Capacity Building: Rwanda 2008 to 2010 $673,150
Rwanda Rwanda HIV-AIDS Policy Reform Initiative 2009 to 2010 $226,850
Rwanda Rwanda Land Conflict Transformation Project 2009 to 2010 $510,898
Rwanda Rwanda Land Law Project 2008 to 2009 $399,176
South Sudan Sudan Rural Land and Governance Project 2011 to 2014 $8,998,131
Sri Lanka Land Administration and Protection of Property: Sri Lanka 2010 to 2012 $3,000,000
Sudan Sudan Property Rights Program 2008 to 2011 $5,000,000
Tajikistan Land Reform Project in Tajikistan 2010 to 2013 $4,500,000
Tajikistan Tajikistan Land Reform and Farm Restructuring Project 2008 to 2009 $2,369,067
Timor-Leste Strengthening Property Rights in Timor-Leste 2007 to 2012 $9,875,734
Uganda Building Bridges to Peace: Uganda 2009 to 2011 $598,204
Uganda Stability Peace & Reconciliation in Northern Uganda 2008 to 2011 $3,600,000
Ukraine Local Investment in National Competitiveness: Ukraine 2009 to 2012 $23,388,642

The annual World Bank Land and Poverty Conference was March 14-18, 2016. Read about news and events from the conference here.

USAID has developed two mobile applications, or apps, that support land tenure and land use. Watch this video about the apps now.

Interactive map with information on U.S. Government (USAID and MCC) programs that strengthen land tenure and property rights.




Did you miss the online discussion on the meaning and application of “legitimate land rights?” Watch the recording here.



USAID has developed two mobile applications, or apps, that support land tenure and land use. Watch this video about the apps now.



Interactive map with information on U.S. Government (USAID and MCC) programs that strengthen land tenure and property rights.